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Guardians of Castle Hlvest is a troop defence strategy inspired by tower defence and the Real Time Strategy Game "Tooth and Tail".

You play as the commander of castle Hlvest and must defend the passages from hell-spawn which are trying to breach through to your nation. Your defences consist of recruits from the castle and you have to direct them in the field to intercept the enemies.

Dev info: I am a student who is about to begin my second year in my game development program (a computer science bachelors program) and this is my first published game.

Install instructions

Minimum System requirements: Full HD screen (1920x1080)

1. Download Guardians of Castle Hlvest.zip

2. extract it to your location of choice

3. run GuardiansOfCastleHlvest.exe (Windows defender blocks this program on first launch. To run it anyway you have to see more info and then run anyway option becomes available)


Guardians of Castle Hlvest V1.0.2.zip 3 MB

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